Who are we?

we are supply chain tech geekers ūüėČ

We work to shorten document processing lead times in the food supply chain process, reduce wait times, and improve end-to-end contract visibility.

MINAZ is a project from MINAZ E-COMMERCE SERVICES UG- an innovative technology-driven Startup from Hamburg, Germany

MINAZ.io is a blockchain-based traceability application in the organic food industry segment that supports the accuracy and transparency of customer claims with monitoring and inspecting of products. The Solution covers the whole value chain of organic food from the early stage of harvesting product in farms, sampling the product for quality assurance, testing in laboratories, and monitoring and auditing the supplying process of goods to the final consumers in the market.  

The goal is to build a consensus of business nodes and speed up the exchange of information among suppliers in real-time. That helps to the sustainability of the product’s claims by defining exact origin, date, time, and location, or major supplying activities details of a product.

This service enables the Organic food importers to get to know and understand the value chain of their suppliers in third countries, check the quality control certificate of products with assurance and identify and minimize the risks of fake reports and product mixes. By achieving such risk minimization, entrepreneurs who are within the scope of the EU organic regulation are fulfilling their obligations resulting from the most recent amendments to these regulations. 

We build MINAZ solution completely on Oracle’s Cloud Solutions. Utilizing the modularity, performance, privacy and scalability of Hyperledger Fabric, the Oracle Blockchain Platform provides the necessary components for developing and operating enterprise blockchain solutions. Hyperledger Fabric provides core features to address specific needs of a permissioned blockchain network with organizational membership from businesses large and small. Hyperledger Fabric provides a strong foundation for building decentralized business networks without having to integrate disparate solutions.¬†

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